Sunday, June 18, 2017

Rich Krueger - A Short One On Life

Rich is a talented guy. He is a musician, singer/songwriter, currently based in Chicago. His song :A Short One On Life," is a wonderful mid-tempo song. The first lyrics you hear, in that sweet and smooth voice are: "She walked in. She looked around. She picked me out and she spun me ‘round."
This is just a fun song, perfect to have on at a relaxed Summer BBQ, or just sitting on your back porch, enjoying the sun. The song is played well, and mixed perfectly. Rich's voice fits the song nicely. Americana music never sounded so sweet. Trust me, you will love it.
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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Tony Wynne - Broken

New Age/Pop musician Tony Wynne, is an incredible talent. I was just listening to his song "Broken." I must say that the song is beautiful. Very well composed, produced, and mixed. It brings out emotions in you. It has a cinematic feel to it, like it should be played at the end credits of a very romantic and sad movie. The piano is very sharp, and well played. Talent like this, is what makes me love New Age style music. You must hear this song. Grab a glass of wine, and just sit back and listen. The song will make you think of old times, good and bad. It makes you want to cry (in a good way).
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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Dave Georgetti - Funkin' Around

Hailing from Florida, is composer/guitar player Dave Georgetti. We got to hear his song "Funkin' Around," and let me tell you, he can play his ass off. Dave has been playing since he was young, and it truly shows. When I got the song, I put the track on my phone, took it to my car, and played while I ran errands. The music is nice, and was a great companion for my running around the city. It is a smooth instrumental song, perfect music to put on when you have company over. Everything is on point, the song is mixed very well, too. Check him out at

Sunday, February 19, 2017

John Evans Music - Hope

John Evans is a well polished artist. You can just hear it in his songs. The song "Hope," is a great uplifting song that has solid guitar, awesome drumming, and strong vocals. This is the type of song you can put the top in your car down, and drive down A1A (I live in Florida), while blasting this song. I can hear another voice in the chorus backing up John, and they sound incredible together.
You really need to check it out. What I really love about guys like John Evans, is that they sound experienced, you can hear their passion in the music that they release.
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Friday, January 27, 2017

Lakotah - Hold Me Near

Coming straight out of Los Angeles, California, Lakotah is an amazing EDM/Alternative artist who is well polished. Her song, Hold Me Near, is a darker sounding song that is awesome to listen to in headphones. Her strong vocals flow with the track nicely. The song is well mixed, and well produced in all. It is a trippy song, that will have you addicted. I played it like four times in a row.
"I am the dream that you wanted, I am the dream that you feared," are some of the spine tingling lyrics.You must check out more of her music. She has a lot of material.
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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Lauren Passarelli - Here's To Life Again

Lauren is a very creative singer, songwriter, guitarist, composer and more. This song surely shows off her talents. "Here's To Life Again," is a beautiful song, that is well written. The lyrics are like an uplifting poem, set to relaxing guitar and drums. Such a wonderful track to put your headphones on and drift away. It is well mixed, and Lauren has a unique voice, that puts you in a trance.
You need to listen to this song. Visit her website at

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Claude Hitt with 'Extended Recess Band' - The Desert

Claude Hitt, Gary Hillie and Bob Netcoh make up the trio of this wonderful group. Claude is a vocalist and guitarist, Gary is on drums, and Bob is on bass. Their song The Desert, is a rocking tune.
The trio have a unique sound to them. The song has an almost lo-fi sound to it, but in a good way.
Everything from the drums, to the vocals make the song come together perfectly. I could see this song being performed live, with people clapping to the rhythm, and dancing their butts off. Good music is good music, and you cannot deny this song is good. You must give them a listen today.
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