Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Morris Mills - Waste Of Time

Morris Mills is an incredibly talented artist. He is the type to think outside the box, and create music that is soulful, funky, with Rock all thrown in the mix. His song "Waste Of Time," is driven by his high pitched vocals and mid-tempo melody. The song sounds like a modern 80's song, if that makes any sense. The guitar is on point, and the song is mixed well. It is a wonderful song, that is well polished with Mills undeniable talent. He has been making a lot of noise for some time now. His music is a breath of fresh air in this Pop/Trap music market that is overwhelming today.
Hear more of his music at http://www.morrismills.com

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The Squeezebox Stompers - I'd rather be lucky Than Good

The Squeezebox Stompers are an amazing group made up of Ralph Tufo, Larry Plitt, Mike Migliozzi, Geoff Wadsworth, Andy Solberg, Steve Latinision and Pablito. All of these men combine to create wonderful music. Their style is Americana Roots, and they are a well polished band. Their song "I'd Rather Be Lucky Than Good," is a mid-tempo song that puts a smile on my face. The harmonica is excellently executed. I listened to this song at home on my front porch, it was the perfect background music for my gardening duties. I highly recommend this band. You will love them.
Visit their at http://www.squeezeboxstompers.com.

Monday, September 25, 2017

ATMIG - Trip

ATMIG is a group from Detroit, Michigan. The group consists of Tobias (vocals/guitar), Julia (vocals), Dave (Drums), Phil (bass/cigar box/mandolin), and Otto (bass/chatter). They do Folk/Rock, and they do it well. Their song Trip, is a wonderful, uptempo tune, that will make you want to vibe out. I first listened to this song in headphones, and it sounds great. Well mixed and everything blends so well together. Tobias leads this song, with back up vocals courtesy of Julia. I love this bands style, they are well polished, and know their way around a song. You must check them out!
Visit their website at https://www.atmig.com

Check out the video below!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Bryan Jay - Fire In The People

Bryan Jay makes music that is compassionate, and I can tell he puts his all into what he is doing. His song "Fire In The People," is a wonderful tune. The guitar, drums, bongos are all mixed perfectly together to form an amazing mid-tempo song. His vocals are soothing, and blend perfectly with the track. I can hear a slight Spanish influence in this song, which I totally dig. This is a breath of fresh air. I love Folk music, and I am looking forward to listening to more of Bryan's music. To hear more music, please visit his website at http://bryanjaymusic.com.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Louis Colaiannia - Obsession

New Age music artist, Louis Colaiannia, is an well accomplished songwriter, composer and pianist.
His work is impressive. His song "Obsession," is a delightful tune with piano and horn. It is extremely catchy, you will be humming the piano part the rest of the day. This is my new go to song, to where I relax on my porch and smoke a cigar. It is perfect chill music. The song is mixed well, and also sounds wonderful in headphones. Please visit his website for more information.
You can listen to his music at http://louismusic.com.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Orchestra Fuego - Isla De Mi Querer

Orchestra Fuego is an amazing, 12-piece, Salsa Band out of Tampa, Florida. Marcus Hernandez and Luis “Torpedo” Aponte, started the group in 2014. Their song Isla De Mi Querer, is a very well performed track. The band is top notch, well put together, and the vocals flow so well with the music.
This is feel good music, it makes you feel like you are vacation. If you live in Florida, go to the beach and turn this song on. If you live up north, put the song on, get a refreshing beverage, tilt your head back and imagine being on the beach. The track is mixed well, and very well produced.
Listen to more of their songs at https://www.orchestrafuego.com

Thursday, August 3, 2017

The James Carratt Project - Fall In Love Again

James Carratt is an amazing musician and songwriter, who gets other vocalists to showcase his hard work. For this amazing song, he gets the help of Christi Letsinger. Her vocals go very well on his song. It is a beautifully written love song, that can relate to anyone. It is a well mixed song, with solid guitar and drum work. I love the idea of the whole James Carratt Project, you get a nice balance of different vocalists, on well produced music by Mr. Carratt. His other songs are just as good.
Check out his website at www.jamescarrattproject.com