Monday, February 4, 2019

The Pogos - Duck Tape

The Pogos is a solid punk rock band from Pennsylvania. Their song, Duck Tape, is a higher-tempo song that is the definition of what punk rock should be. The guitar is amazing, The drums keep in tempo with everything, and the vocals are hardcore and flawlessly flow with the song. I can totally imagine a small get together with my friends, listening to this song, while indulging is something I probably shouldn't be. Check them out at

Friday, February 1, 2019

Ciré - Tone For Tony

Ciré, is a well polished artist from New Orleans. His song Tone For Tony, is a smooth and jazzy tune that is perfect background music to help you relax, study, or for sophisticated party situations. This guy is talented, with an ear for music. His other sings blend jazz, Hip-Hop, pop and more. He has been involved with music at a young age, and it truly shows. It is refreshing to hear such talent.
Check out his website at

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Ricky Persaud, Jr - Tonight

Ricky Persaud Jr has been playing music since he was four years old, so he knows how to put together a great song. His song "Tonight," is a very catchy and danceable song, that you will love. When listening to this song, you just want to bob your head, and you can imagine yourself dancing in a nightclub in another country. The song makes you want to go on vacation, let loose and have a great time. Ricky has a solid voice that flows perfectly through the guitar and drums.
Learn more about him at

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Robin Nolen - Texas or Tennessee

Robin Nolen has a song that she co-wrote called "Texas or Tennessee." Upon first listen, I was blown away by the singers beautiful voice. The song writing and her vocal flow fit perfecly together. The track is well produced. When writing this blog mention, my wife heard the song from the other room, and instantly came over to put the song in her Spotify playlist. Songs like this are timeless. They draw people in, and become one of your favorite songs for years to come. Visit her website at

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Stephen Inglis - Learning You By Heart

Stephen Inglis is a singer/songwriter from Hawaii. His song "Learning You By Heart," is a wonderful, slow-tempo tune, that is superbly well done. Such a pretty song with loving content. His voice is perfect for slower songs like this. His voice is soothing. I really enjoy a good love song, and this one hit the mark perfectly. Everything from the music, to the woman backing him up on vocals, it is a must listen. Check him out at

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Dave "Hedgehog" Mason - Megan's Song

Megan's Song is a slow-tempo song by, Dave "Hedgehog" Mason. Let me start by saying that he has a wonderful voice. This is a beautiful song that could bring a tear to you eye. The guitar is superbly played, and the song is mixed very well. It is very refreshing to hear music like this, music with feeling, something your emotions can relate to. Cheers to you Dave, I love this song.To hear more, check Dave out at

Friday, December 7, 2018

Ron Ramsey, Jr - Let it Go

Singer/songwriter, Ron Ramsey Jr hits us this week with a really solid tune called, "Let it Go."
This mid-tempo song is filled with funky guitar and excellent drumming. The snare is nice and crisp, the vocals go great with the song as they have a bit of reverb on them. It is just a really cool song to vibe to. The guitar really stick out. Ron is a Kentucky artist that sounds well polished.
You should check out his Facebook at