Wednesday, July 25, 2018

The Refusers - Disobey

The Refusers are lead vocalist and guitarist, Michael Belkin, Eric Robert on keyboard, drummer Brendan Hill and bassist/vocalist Steve Newton. This band is amazing. Their song Disobey, is a mid-tempo, head bobbing beauty. Their music makes you want to rebel, to go against anything that you do not believe in. You should stand up for yourself! I absolutely love music like this. The song has solid vocals, great guitar, excellent drums and it is mixed very well. Blast it in your car, it will actually motivate you. Check out their website at

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Mary Keey - Broken Record

Pop/EDM artist Mary Keey is a powerful singer that creates dynamic music that you will love.
Her song Broken Record, is a wonderful track that is catchy. and a mix of pop, dance and rock.
Hailing from Switzerland, her music is fresh and addictive. I live in Florida, so I went to the beach and listened to this song on the way down about five times. I wanted to immerse myself in her song. I am now a fan and look forward to exploring more of her music. She is an all in one package, talent and looks. I love her! The song is produced and mixed well. You will not be disappointed.
Check out her website at

Friday, June 22, 2018

Stomp City - In The Distance

Stomp City was created by Australian singer/songwriter, Michael Peters. His song In the Distance, is a wonderful, up-tempo song. It has great guitar, drums and his vocals are awesome. He has a unique voice, that's flows very well with the track. He is a solid songwriter and a polished talent. The song is mixed very well, too. The song brings hints of the 90's, but sounds very modern at the same time. It is one of them songs where you are following the lyrics, and you get what he means, but you can't help but think there is a story that he went through behind this song, and we are not getting all the info.
I want more! Stomp City is worth checking out.
Check out his website at

"In the distance, in the distance
I heard the whistle of the train late last night
In the distance in the distance
Your long hair glinted from the bright city lights"

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Nubii - Whatever We Find

Nubii is a R&B/Soul music group featuring founders, Tanyah "Dadze" Cotton and Gloria "Rain" Jackson. Their song, Whatever We Find, is a mid-tempo, Reggae inspired song. This group sounds so polished. The music is played perfectly, with vocals sung so smoothly. This is straight up chill out music. I totally had a glass of wine when I first listened to the track. I always listen in a good set of headphones to enhance the vibe. The track is mixed very well, and they are very experienced in writing and creating music. Listen to this track at

Monday, June 4, 2018

PYP - Throne Of Gold

PYP is a group consisting of Guy Juarez and Dan Bogrand. Their song Throne Of Gold, is a slower to mid-tempo song that is unique. It has a older generation feel, yet still modern. The vocals are strong, the guitar flows well with the drums, and it is mixed very well. When I listened to it, I put on headphones and just zoned out. The song is a cool experience in headphones. The lyrics are very fitting. They can relate to many problems people have in life, and in turn should connect with many people, for different reasons. In pictures, it looks like there are other band members that play live with them, but they are not credited that I can see. Check them out at

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Shonn Hinton - Fly To Me

Shonn Hinton is a well polished musician, singer and entertainer. His song Fly To Me, is a wonderful, mid-tempo love song. I had people over for a dinner party this weekend. I put a number of songs on a playlist for background music, and this song was one of them. When the song came on, multiple people asked me who the artist is. It is truly a great song. His voice is beautiful, and flows perfectly over the guitar and drums. It is mixed well, and the production is on point. Another song of his that caught my ear is Right Here Waiting. Another excellent song that you can vibe out to with a glass of wine, on a quiet night. This is what R&B should sound like! It is much needed at a point like this in music.

For more info, check him out at

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Barrie Dempsey - Rivers Run

Barrie Dempsey is an award winning, multi talented musician/recording artist. His song Rivers Run, is a beautiful love song. It is such a wonderful, slower tempo song. I listened to it a million times, and the way I interpret it is that he is telling his loved one that no matter what happens, he will always love that person. Even though things happen, bumps in the road come along, you must always try and pull through. His vocals are addicting and perfect for the song. It is the kind of song you can just relax to on your porch on a nice warm day. The track is mixed well, and produced even better.
You can check it out at his website