Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Jo'King - I'm Amazed

Gospel artist Jo'King is a well polished musician and performer. You can see this when listening to his new song "I'm Amazed". The song is a Gospel/Hip-Hop collaboration that is well executed.
The Hip-Hop artist sounds really nice on the track, and Jo'King's vocals are powerful, and fit perfectly together with the song. The track is upbeat and would make anyone bob their head and smile. It really is an excellent song. Both artists fit very well together. Even if you are not a Gospel type person, you cannot deny the groove of the song. Trust me, you will see what I mean.
You can get more info about Jo'King at www.reverbnation.com/joking


  1. I just checked it out and the song is nice. I wonder who the rapper is?

    1. Thank you Killa! The rapper is my 35 year old son "Damion" King

  2. Good vocals on the hook.

  3. I love Gospel and he does it well. Keep doing your thing!