Saturday, January 23, 2010

Music Review: Rosarsic

Rosarsic is a wonderful band consisting of Alastair Owen and Abigail Brennan.
They have the type of music you can just lay back, put headphones on and drift away. They have such a light and raw sound. Excellent guitar and great raw vocals that bands used to have back in the days. There is no "magic" studio work here. No auto-tune put on their voices, and no pre programmed drum machines. What you hear is them and they sound great! The way their songs are recorded, you almost feel as if they are right next to you putting on a private concert.
It is just a guitar and two wonderful singers for their genre.

The first song I listened to is called "A Song I Wrote For You". The guitar is fabulous and they complement each other well singing together. After listening to this song like four times, I am still not sure what the story of the song is supposed to be. Still it does not matter because it is the kind of thing where you kinda know what they are talking about and you feel like you relate to it without really having to know exactly what it is.

The second song "Maybe I should stay", is another fine song but the one I enjoyed the most is a song called "Hallelujawho". On this one Abigail takes lead and she comes off great.

These are the type of songs you can either sit at home and drift away or take a nice long drive through the park on a Spring or Summer day.
They make you feel good. Like you just got something off your chest or the kind of feeling like you just told somebody the truth about something.

Judge for yourself

Listen for them now at


  1. Just heard them a bit ago on the site---Folk sound and very good

  2. We need more stuff like this

  3. Where are they from?

  4. Northampton in England.