Sunday, October 24, 2010

CD Review: Will Echo - Fragile

Will Echo is a well polished artist and his new Cd "Fragile" shows just that.
The beginning track "Pour Me A Drink" at first sounds like it was recorded in a club and then it transfers into a more full studio recorded sound. The song is very well written and although short, is the perfect intro to his album.

Will wears many hats for this CD including the songwriting, music production and engineering. The sound is on point and compares excellently with any major release out today. There are so many good songs on this CD. "I'll Call You From The USA" is another favorite the stellar "I Still Love You,But" is a great story many people can relate to. He talks about still loving a woman but pretty much realizing he cannot be with her because they are not right for each other.

The final track he really slows things down with "Fragile" and the song is again the perfect exit track for this album. The production on this song is done well. It starts with the music and him singing and then the drums come in a bit later which brings excitement to the whole song and your head will nod to the slow,infectious beat. It almost has some R&B influence to it.

I was really impressed with this artist and hope to hear new albums yearly!

9 out of 10 stars


  1. I heard him the other day and thought he sounded great.

  2. We need more artists that can write and produce.
    Good job

  3. I am happy to see good artists like this doing well independently.

  4. Congrats! Sounds like a great CD. I Will check out your website

  5. Will is a great composer and producer. He will go far with his music. He don't try to follow the rules of mainstream entertainment. That makes an artist an artist. And that's what we need this days. Music that can remain in our hearts. Not for a special period, like the 80s or 70s. It music forever.