Sunday, April 15, 2012

Kelly Ballard - When You Go

Coming straight out of Glennville, GA, Kelly Ballard is a wonderful and fresh talent in the world of Country music. She has a powerful and sometimes raspy voice. She sings with character and sexiness that just hooks you into the song. Her new song "When You Go" is a mid-tempo selection that truly shows off her talent.
You can listen to her new song at now.

For more info, visit her at


  1. Country music could use more artists like her for sure.

  2. Powerful voice.

  3. Hey y'all! Kelly Ballard here :) I am just now reading this and y'alls comments. Thanks so much for the positive feedback :) be sure to find me on and oh and :)

  4. Best thing to hit country music since the fiddle!!!