Sunday, September 16, 2012

O.T. and The Swingstuff Inc.

Oyvind Tangerud is the brains & musician behind O.T. and The Swingstuff Inc. Jazz fans listen up.
It is always a joy to find a hard working musician who obviously puts a lot of pride and hard work into his music. O.T. and The Swingstuff Inc. fits this mold to a tee. The music is very jazzy and really relaxing. The song "Gently Moving", currently on, is right up my alley. I could totally put on a pair of headphones, get a glass of wine, and enjoy the vibe. The guitar work is superb. Oyvind is from Norway and very talented.
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  1. Jazz is awesome. I am going to check him out.

  2. His music is relaxing as hell. Good stuff!

  3. It is nice to see solid musicians. Good work.

  4. I just listened to Gently Moving at
    Wonderful song.

  5. I have always loved chilling to Jazz music. Best for relaxation. Best to open a window in the fall and lay down.