Thursday, November 14, 2013

Honey & The 45's

I must say that I was extremely impressed with my first listen of Honey & The 45's. Their style is a mix of Blues, Jazz, Rock, and pure talent. The group consists of Jon Gould (Guitar), Kim Kozel (Sax, violin, vocals), Sean Tatum (Bass), Jarad Kleinstein (Drums), and the amazing Kristina Cottone (Lead vocals, guitar). This is the most well polished band I have heard in a long time.
Their song "The Need", is a head bopping gem. Not only is the guitar work solid, but the lead vocals are not only sexy, they are sung to perfection. I love songs like this. Catchy, fun, and sultry.
You cannot deny the talent this group has. You can listen for their music at
Also, look out for an interview soon. For more info visit


  1. I just listened. Great vocals on this woman.

  2. Awesome! Thank you for introducing me to some new stuff.