Saturday, February 1, 2014

Kulture Kill

Kulture Kill is freaking amazing. They are a Hard Rock/Metal band from North Louisiana.
This is a well polished band. Everything from their website, pictures, logo, and music is done extremely well. The band consists of the following:
Karson - Vocals
Tom Mayham - Guitar
Dee Everette - Drums
Jayden Alexander - Guitar
James Hellfyre - Bass

They all come together to form Kulture Kill. They have a new album called "Bent".
When I first started listening to the song "Bent", I was instantly drawn in. The songs are well produced and mixed. The drums rock, and guitars are on point. Karson's vocals are raw and hardcore.
If you are a Metal head, you will love them.  Plus, they have a kick ass band name!
For more info visit their website at


  1. I lover this style music!

  2. Hell yeah! I will check them out now.

  3. Listen in headphones, while smoking some 420. Rocks hard.

  4. I have heard of them before.

  5. I just checked the site out. Good stuff for sure.

  6. They are pretty good. For sure not amateur.

  7. That is some hard metal for sure.