Sunday, January 8, 2017

Claude Hitt with 'Extended Recess Band' - The Desert

Claude Hitt, Gary Hillie and Bob Netcoh make up the trio of this wonderful group. Claude is a vocalist and guitarist, Gary is on drums, and Bob is on bass. Their song The Desert, is a rocking tune.
The trio have a unique sound to them. The song has an almost lo-fi sound to it, but in a good way.
Everything from the drums, to the vocals make the song come together perfectly. I could see this song being performed live, with people clapping to the rhythm, and dancing their butts off. Good music is good music, and you cannot deny this song is good. You must give them a listen today.
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  1. I have heard of them before.

  2. I like the song. Would love to see a show.

  3. compliments for article

  4. I listened to the song like 5 times today. Good work.

  5. Congrats on creating good music. I salute you.