Monday, June 4, 2018

PYP - Throne Of Gold

PYP is a group consisting of Guy Juarez and Dan Bogrand. Their song Throne Of Gold, is a slower to mid-tempo song that is unique. It has a older generation feel, yet still modern. The vocals are strong, the guitar flows well with the drums, and it is mixed very well. When I listened to it, I put on headphones and just zoned out. The song is a cool experience in headphones. The lyrics are very fitting. They can relate to many problems people have in life, and in turn should connect with many people, for different reasons. In pictures, it looks like there are other band members that play live with them, but they are not credited that I can see. Check them out at


  1. It is actually a pretty kick ass song.

  2. Great tune. Keep it up!

  3. Fresh music! For sure needed.