Saturday, April 24, 2010

CD Review: Mike Short Jr - Blame It On Me

Mike Short Jr is an extremely well polished Country artist. His voice is as good if not better than any other Country artist out in the mainstream today!

His new album Blame It On Me is a wonderful showcase of his skills. The opening song "Who's To Blame" is a wonderful mid tempo song that I can imagine women will swoon over. The CD really kicks into gear with "Lady In Waiting" where he sings about meeting a woman while out at a bar. The next few songs on the CD are great but a real good old dance song is "I Can Dance". This song would be great live with a crowded dance floor! It gets away from the love style songs and puts some great fun into the CD and it is one of my favorites! Basically this CD is a winner. It has love songs, slow songs, dance songs and fun songs as well. Along with his good looks, Mike has a complete package here! Dan Drilling did a wonderful job at mixing and mastering project.

The final song is a song about a soldier wanting to come home. If you listen to the song in the right mood it may bring a tear to your eye especially if you have a loved one overseas!

9 out of 10 stars

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  1. I heard his song on there yesterday!
    Good sounding artist