Friday, March 19, 2010

CD Review: JC Cassis - Four On The Floor

JC Cassis is a well polished artist who has a wonderful club sounding style. The first song on her CD "Four On The Floor", is a fun tune called "My Ex Is Delicious". Her vocals flow over the beat nicely and is a good showcase for her to jump start the album!

For the most part she sounds very comfortable on every song, but "Hold For Your Lovin'", something just doesn't fit right. It is not a horrible song but not one of my favorites. She slows things down a bit on "I Just Wanna Hold You". I love the way she sounds on this song. The production has some Hip-Hop influence on it and with her unique vocals it just really makes it work!

That is one thing you will notice about her, she has a really unique voice and singing style that works well for most every track.
The production on this disk is good but I feel she would really come to life on some hard hitting dance/Hip-Hop/Pop music.

The songs "Say It" and "Friday Night Forever" are for sure two songs to go back to.
I can tell she really puts 100% into her music.

If you like dance beats paired with soulful yet pop type vocals then this is the CD for you!

Check it out at

8 out of 10 stars


  1. I love this type of music

  2. I check it out, not bad at all. We need more indie artists like this

  3. Good music. I heard the one song on Hardcoremix

  4. Good music. I heard the one song on Hardcoremix

  5. Hold for your lovin is a good song to me..

  6. Just heard the song on Hcoremix.
    Keep up the good work Girl!

  7. Good work on the CD