Friday, June 22, 2018

Stomp City - In The Distance

Stomp City was created by Australian singer/songwriter, Michael Peters. His song In the Distance, is a wonderful, up-tempo song. It has great guitar, drums and his vocals are awesome. He has a unique voice, that's flows very well with the track. He is a solid songwriter and a polished talent. The song is mixed very well, too. The song brings hints of the 90's, but sounds very modern at the same time. It is one of them songs where you are following the lyrics, and you get what he means, but you can't help but think there is a story that he went through behind this song, and we are not getting all the info.
I want more! Stomp City is worth checking out.
Check out his website at

"In the distance, in the distance
I heard the whistle of the train late last night
In the distance in the distance
Your long hair glinted from the bright city lights"


  1. Great song. I will be adding this to my playlist.

  2. Thank you for putting out fresh music.

  3. I came across this page through a friend. I must say that I like the song.

  4. Very nice song. I will check out your website.