Sunday, July 1, 2018

Mary Keey - Broken Record

Pop/EDM artist Mary Keey is a powerful singer that creates dynamic music that you will love.
Her song Broken Record, is a wonderful track that is catchy. and a mix of pop, dance and rock.
Hailing from Switzerland, her music is fresh and addictive. I live in Florida, so I went to the beach and listened to this song on the way down about five times. I wanted to immerse myself in her song. I am now a fan and look forward to exploring more of her music. She is an all in one package, talent and looks. I love her! The song is produced and mixed well. You will not be disappointed.
Check out her website at


  1. OMG, good song!

  2. She is hot. Solid tune.

  3. Such a great song.

  4. I love her style. I am gonna download the song.